Why does my candle have white spots? 

This is called "frosting" and happens from time to time with Soy Wax. We try to make sure our candles cure for at least two weeks before putting them into our inventory. This allows the fragrance to better bind to the wax, giving YOU, the customer, that amazing scent throw. We could easily put chemical additives in our candles to eliminate the frosting, but we feel like that is counterproductive to burning a clean wax like soy. In a nutshell, it's perfectly normal and will not affect your candle enjoyment in any way. 


What type of wax do you use? 

We use 100% pure, food grade soy wax. 


What type of wicks do you use? 

We use wooden wicks: One is crackling and the other is a plain Wooden Wick manufactured by Wood Wick Technologies. We believe that by combining the two, we can provide you with the absolute best candle burning experience possible.


Why is my candle wick producing a black type smoke while burning? 

Even though these are wooden wicks, they do require trimming. After burning the candle a time or two, you'll notice the wick start to look frayed and frazzled. When this happens, gently break off the frayed edges of the wick and throw them away (you can also use finger nail clippers if you prefer). We recommend doing this prior to every light, keeping the wick at 1/4" or even 1/8". This will help to give you an even burn and reduce black smoke. If the flame on your candle reaches over 1.5", extinguish the flame, let cool and trim down the wick. We also recommend keeping your candle out of drafty areas. A breeze fuels the burn of the wooden wick and can add to the unwanted black smoke.


Do you do custom orders? 

Absolutely! Please see our Private Label Terms found at the bottom of our site. 


Do you sell in boutiques, shops, or retail stores? 

Yes, we do! Check out our Retail Locations Page listed at the top of our site for locations that carry Dixie Grace Candle Company products.

If you are a business owner interested in a wholesale order or partnership, please contact us directly at customerservice@dixiegracecandleco.com.


Do you offer local pick up? 

Yes. Email us directly at customerservice@dixiegracecandleco.com and we can set something up. 


If you have other questions, email us at customerservice@dixiegracecandleco.com.