Dixie Grace Brand Ambassador Program

Dixie Grace Brand Ambassador Program 

Welcome to Dixie Grace’s Brand Ambassador Program! We’re so glad you’re here. Before we get started, I want to stop you and ask a couple of questions. This is not your normal influencer “Brand Rep” program, and if you know anything about Dixie Grace - we constantly shatter the mold on how business “should” be. We’re doing it our way. 

Ask Yourself These Questions: 

  • Do you love Dixie Grace? 
  • Do you order from Dixie Grace currently? Or have you in the past? 
  • Do you know what we stand for, what we support, what we believe in? 
  • Are you familiar with our Team (on Social Media)? 
  • Have you tried our Hand-Crafted products? Shopped our Mercantile Collections? 
  • Are you passionate about Small Business? 

If the answer is no to most of these, you’re probably not the right fit for a Dixie Grace Brand Ambassador right now. Shop our website, try some of our stuff out, follow us on Social Media and sign up for Emails/Texts. Get to know us. Let us get to know you. If you love Dixie Grace as much as we do, come back here and sign up. We will be glad to have you. Notice we didn’t ask about how many followers, posts, channels, groups, and what not you had - there’s a reason. Hold tight. Keep reading. 

We are not implementing this program to hire influencers “off the street” (err “the net”) to promote a brand they know nothing about, haven’t supported, and are just not emotionally invested in. While we understand how HARD influencers work to build their followings and Lord knows (and we know), all that content and marketing work is NOT easy, that’s not what the Dixie Grace Ambassador Program is geared around. 

Still here? Awesome. 

At Dixie Grace, our greatest assets are our Team and YOU, our customers. Dixie Grace has grown leaps and bounds organically. What does that mean? We didn’t pay some big advertising and marketing firm to get our name out there and find us customers. We actually tried that, wasted tens of thousands of dollars, and two firms couldn’t touch what our own customers’ word of mouth did for our growth over the last two years. So if we are going to budget for Marketing, why wouldn’t we give it back to those people who support and love Dixie Grace? Makes complete sense to us. Like I said, we’re here to break the mold. 

How does the Dixie Grace Ambassador Program work? 

Well, it’s simple really. We are going to pay you for what you are already doing for us here at Dixie Grace. Refer friends, family, coworkers, social media followers (anyone you bring to Dixie Grace) via your own website link to our store or your own discount code and we will pay you 10% Commission on all Orders. Sound easy? It is. Still interested? Great. You’ll want to read the sections on the Commissions, Payouts, FAQs, The Rules, and Brand Ambassador Ideas. 

Commissions, Payouts, FAQs 

How do I earn Commission? 

You will earn 10% Commission on all Orders that come to Dixie Grace via your dedicated website link or Orders that have your personal Ambassador code attached to them. If your coworker uses your link or code and spends $150 at Dixie Grace, we will pay you $15 for that Order. That stacks up quick! 

Where do I get my Dedicated Link and Code? 

You will apply to become a Dixie Grace Ambassador and once your Account is approved, you will have your own dashboard and login that contains your link, your code, your personal settings like your PayPal Email, and all your Commission and Payout information in it. You can see in real time how the Ambassador Program is working for YOU. 

What is the difference between my Ambassador Link and my Ambassador Code? 

Ambassador Links are the actual website link that your Customers will click on to get to the Dixie Grace online storefront. This is what tracks what Ambassador sent the Customer to Dixie Grace. Think of it as your personal storefront link. This is where you should always be sending your Customers. 

An Ambassador Code is a Discount Code assigned to each Ambassador. It will entitle your Customers who are placing first time Orders with Dixie Grace to 15% Off Orders Over $25. This is only valid on a Customer’s First Order with Dixie Grace as an incentive for you to use. Discount Codes are not combinable in our system. 

If a Customer uses a Discount Code of any kind (Ambassador Code, Doll Hairs Code, Sale Code) and uses your Ambassador Link to order, you will be paid Commission on that Order. Discount Codes (of any kind) and Ambassador Links work together to give all of our Customers more bang for their buck. 

When do Commissions get paid out? 

Commissions are paid on the 20th of each month for the month prior via PayPal. If the 20th falls on a weekend day (Saturday, Sunday), Commission will be paid on the following Monday. This is to ensure that all Orders are fulfilled, shipped, received, and no returns were processed against those Orders. Commission Deposits must reach the $100 payout amount to be processed. If the $100 payout amount is not reached for the month prior, your Commission Deposit will continue to accrue until the payout amount reaches $100. 

Do I have to meet an Order minimum to stay in the Dixie Grace Ambassador Program? 

No. There are no required minimums. Ambassador Links and Codes will be automatically inactivated if they have not been used in the last 180 days. If you do not wish to be an Ambassador with Dixie Grace anymore, please email us at ambassadors@dixiegracecandleco.com and we will inactivate your Account and ensure your final Commission payout. 

Do personal Orders count towards Commissions? 

Unfortunately not. Our servers will flag those Orders as fraud if your Code is used on Orders with your name. However, you will be assigned a Dixie Grace discount code for 20% Off your own personal Orders with Dixie Grace for your entire tenure as a Dixie Grace Ambassador. This Discount Code will only be valid for your email address and Orders. It won’t be a shareable code. Please email us with your name and the email address you use for your Dixie Grace Orders at ambassadors@dixiegracecandleco.com to receive your personal Discount Code. You may also stay enrolled in our Dixie Grace Doll Hairs Program. We want to remind you that Discount Codes cannot be combined in our system. You can only use one code per Order. 

If an Order comes in from one Ambassadors Link using another Ambassador’s Code - what happens? 

We do not expect this to be an issue and while it is “possible,” it is HIGHLY unlikely. We will address this with the Customer directly so the issue would be corrected on future Orders. The Ambassador Link will get credit for the Order. 

Can my Ambassador Code be used with other Discount Codes? 

No. Our system only allows for one coupon code at a time. 

My Customer can’t get my Ambassador Code to work. What do I do? 

Ambassador Codes will entitle your Customers who are placing first time Orders with Dixie Grace to 15% Off Orders Over $25. This is only valid on a Customer’s First Order with Dixie Grace as an incentive for you to use. It is usually because the Customer has already used the Code that it will not work again.  

What about the Dixie Grace Doll Hairs Program? How does it work with the Ambassador Program?

Customers using your Links can still enroll in the Dixie Grace Doll Hairs Program and be rewarded. You will earn Commission on the Orders they use your Links for even though they may use a Dixie Grace Doll Hairs Rewards Code. These two programs work side by side to reward both loyalty to Customers who purchase and reward Commission for referrals under our Ambassador Program. 

Can I post anywhere? No. 

We want you to use your Ambassador Link and Code to make yourself some pocket money for what you already do for Dixie Grace. The purpose of the Ambassador program is to spread the word about Dixie Grace to those that don’t know about us. You will not be allowed to post your Links and Codes to any Dixie Grace Social Media, any Dixie Grace Advertisements, Dixie Grace’s website, or on any coupon code sites. If we find you posting your links or codes on any of the above - they will be removed and a warning given. A second violation will result in termination of your Dixie Grace Ambassador link and code. 

Do not post any Dixie Grace Ambassador Links or Ambassador Discount Codes to other Small Business Websites or Social Media. We have multiple Dixie Grace Retail Partners (other Small Businesses who purchase Dixie Grace Brand Products) that are authorized to sell our products to their Customers. It is rude and disheartening to “hijack” someone else’s work (like Social Media) to promote another Brand and not how we want Dixie Grace to be represented in the world. It is not something our direct team would do and we expect the same from our Brand Ambassadors. An example of this would be if you see someone posting their Wax Melts to sell on a post they made, and you commenting they should use Dixie Grace instead with your Ambassador Link - don’t do it. Something acceptable in this instance would be a post from someone you know asking who makes the best Wax Melts? Then you could easily use your Ambassador Link and refer us. 

How do I become successful as a Dixie Grace Ambassador? 

You should define success for yourself. We don’t know your personal goals. We don’t qualify our Ambassadors by the amount of followers they have, or how many times they have gone viral, how many Small Businesses they promote, or any of those typical must haves. We believe someone that has say five or ten people who pay attention and order from you can be just as successful as someone with one million followers. Social Media channels are a bought and paid for corporate advertising platform now. Be organic. Find your people. If you love us, they will too. Word of mouth and an honest referral is ten times more likely to result in an Order than an influencer you don’t love. Think about it this way - are you more likely to listen to your best friend or mom than you are a random Tik Tok video? The answer is probably yes. 

We have put tons of ideas together here for you under our Brand Ambassador Ideas section. 

The Rules - We Gotta Have Them Y’all 

  1. You must be 18 years old. It’s the law in the United States. 
  2. You must have a valid email address and a PayPal Account. It’s how we pay you. 
  3. You are not allowed to post your link or code on any Dixie Grace Social Media Posts, Dixie Grace Website, Dixie Grace Advertisements, or any coupon code sites. 
  4. Treat other makers, businesses, and people with respect. 
  5. Do not blindly message people you don’t know to attempt to sell Dixie Grace. 
  6. Your Link or Code must be used at least once every 180 days or it will automatically deactivate. 

Brand Ambassador Ideas 

Images - take pictures of you wearing Dixie Grace or using Dixie Grace products to post with your link on your Social Media or email/text to your friends. Images usually work well for Facebook and Twitter. 

Instagram - you can post your link in your bio so people have easy access to it at all times! You can also use your link for the swipe up to shop Feature in Stories and Reels. 

Video - Unboxing Orders and Hauls is the new way for Social Media. We suggest using the hashtag #shopsmallhaul which is on its way up in the what’s trending market currently. This hashtag is to compete with the big box brand unboxing hashtag. 

Work - several of our customers consistently refer their coworkers to Dixie Grace. Now you can have all of them use your link and you can earn Commission on their Orders! 

We will continue to add to this list as the Ambassador Program grows! 

Ready To Get Started?

Due to the Facebook App regulations, you can't link your Facebook when you sign up using a mobile (phone) device. Please use a laptop or pc. This is only for signing up to be a Dixie Grace Ambassador. 

Click Here - https://dixiegracecandleco.com/referrer-signup