Songs 4 Soldiers

      I said we are here to do the WORK and that we wanted Dixie Grace to be MORE. And then I promised every single one of you that's what we would do.

      We are proud to introduce the brand new exclusive Songs4Soldiers Hand-crafted Home Fragrance Line. This new blend of Blueberry Citrus Lemonade and White Sugar was designed by their team with a little help from us to replicate the S4S Drink everyone has to come to know and love.

      This line will be available in our Candles, Melts, Room Spray, and Goat's Milk Foaming Hand Soap. We also have various other products that will go to support S4S. More than 50% of Sales (not Profit) from this Line will be given directly to Songs4Soldiers to support their mission in helping Combat Veterans. If you spend $10 on a candle, $5.50 of that money will go directly to this cause. We are not taking any profit from this Line because it's the least we can do for these soldiers who gave up everything to make sure we are here today with each of you. In our opinion, it'll never be enough but this is a start.

      Songs4Soldiers was created and exists solely to HELP. Songs4Soldiers exists to give that second chance. Songs4Soldiers exists to be that last option when you’re down and out. Songs4Soldiers exists for you, the combat veteran. It’s truly simple. We operate on a moral code of taking care of one another. Just like on the battlefield.

      If you're not familiar with S4S, you can learn more about them here -

      "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

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