Hey y'all! I wanted to stop and say grazie to all of you!
I took the Friday before last off and then I got sick last weekend. I dodged covid for 2+ years and last weekend my time finally came. I was away from Dixie Grace for 11 days. Most of that I wasn't even coherent. This wasn't like I was gone still answering questions, I was a brick of sick curled up in a ball. Don't worry! I was threatened with my life and didn't come to the building!!
Anyways - I was stressing. May and June are our slowest months of the year. Take me down for 11 days in the middle of it and it adds up to problems real fast as every penny matters in these months. It's an odd time because in 8 short weeks our volume quadruples when y'all hear that pumpkin word. I've talked about our swings through the year and these are the roughest months for us. So I stressed.
Y'all know what happened? Y'all showed up. And I didn't even ask. It's like y'all just knew exactly what we needed to make it. Now you may be going Katie, wait - y'all are building a new building but sales are slow? Yip. You know why? Because we will never do anything more than we do today in our current space. We're locked in. No more growth. No new product expansion. No more room. Our current building has us locked at capacity. So we have to grow. We've budgeted. We've run the numbers. It's a risk, and the biggest one we've taken, but we're taking it. You know why I decided to go for it?
Because every time I think we're at a breaking point (as one of my mentors says are you risking more than you can lose), you guys SHOW UP. We made payroll. We kept the lights on. We did the things. Because you guys showed up for us.
So I say grazie, Italian for thank you. Your single Wax Melt purchase or your wardrobe refreshment or vacation haul you came in and got - it paid the light bill and the girls payroll. If you think shopping small doesn't matter, I ASSURE you it does. It allows us to keep going, to keep giving back, to expand, and to keep bringing you really cool stuff that you love. And when push comes to shove and one of us goes down, it pays the light bill and our payroll.
Extra special thank you to Rianna, Sydney, and Paula for keeping Dixie Grace upright and checking on me! Y'all kill it every single time.
My cup runneth over.
Also - I'm back in the game.
More things coming soon!