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Pencils (Set of 6) - Well Shit

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Well Shit Pencils (Set of 6)

  • Foil Imprint 
  • Set of 6 No 2 Pencils in Cello Bag
  • Not Sharpened 
  • Color - As Pictured. 
  • Note: Foiling is not always a perfect process with pencils. Keep in mind there may be slight variation.

About Tiramisu Paperie 

Lisa started this company in Nashville, TN with the goal of putting laughter out into the world. Her son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (on the autism spectrum) at three years old and diagnosed with bipolar disorder at nine years old. She has now brought him into the fold of Tiramisu Paperie to ensure he has a future when she is gone. He is gaining a sense of purpose and financial freedom as an adult. There aren't many options past high school for young adults like him. 

Dixie Grace couldn't love Lisa, her family, and this company anymore if we tried! Oh, and we both grew up in Memphis, TN! ;) 

Pencils (Set of 6) - Well Shit
Pencils (Set of 6) - Well Shit
Pencils (Set of 6) - Well Shit
Pencils (Set of 6) - Well Shit