About Dixie Grace Candle Co.

After years of perfecting our small batch recipe, Dixie Grace Candle Company was officially launched in March of 2016 by Katherine "Katie" Miller and Kimberley "Kim" Comes. With Katie's kitchen as their workshop, they had planned to make and sell the candles to friends and family and attend a few local craft fairs as time would allow; however it didn't take long for people to discover and love the product. As Dixie Grace gained momentum locally, they decided that they wanted to expand and really put more effort into turning this into a legitimate business while maintaining close-knit customer relationships and a charitable mindset.  

As Dixie Grace is today, our focus is to provide the absolute best pure soy, wooden wick candles on the market. If you have read any of our posts or spent even a small amount of time on our website, you know that we are a Southern Inspired company. We believe in southern hospitality, strong family values, and cultivating genuine relationships with our customers. We take pride in our Southern roots and want to share authentic scents, mirroring Southern experiences, that will take you back to a special place in time or for us (and hopefully many of you), home to Dixie.

Katie grew up in Munford, TN which is where the original idea for the Southern theme came from. From that fresh laundry on the line scent in our "Hangin' Out to Dry" to that sweet "Wild Honeysuckle" straight off the vine, to that calming spirit you can only find in a church pew during "Sunday Hymns", all of these envelope the scent of the South. Currently, Katie resides in Columbia, IL a small town outside of Saint Louis, Missouri on the Mississippi River (which she never strays far from it seems) where she lives with her two dogs, Mason and Mya. She has a daughter currently attending Southeast Missouri State University. She loves Sunday Fundays, vintage and old world decor; kills every plant she touches; and enjoys bonfires, wine, country music, and spending time with her girlfriend. She can usually be found pouring candles, sitting at a vineyard, outside getting dirty, or singing “Rocky Top” on Saturday afternoons in the fall.

 Kim grew up mainly in Branson, MO, living in Alabama for a stint in her younger years and again in college, but contributes her Southern roots mostly to her family who is scattered across the south from Kentucky to Arkansas to Alabama to Mississippi to Texas. Some of her best memories are of spending summers with her brothers and cousins watching "Front Porch Thunderstorms", picking berries from the "Wild Blackberry Briars" (don't forget your snake stick!), and of course, the sweet taste of those roadside stand "Georgia Peaches" that you buy by the basket. Currently she lives in Olathe, Kansas with her husband Kyle, daughter Claira Mae and two pups, Oscar and Cheyenne. Kim loves being outdoors as much as possible, whether it's sitting on the porch reading a book, or digging in the dirt; To her, pretty much anything beats being stuck indoors. She loves Jesus, candles, flowers, animals, farmers markets, trendy restaurants (with a patio of course), the wide open country, wine, a fresh breeze, live music, chocolate and coffee. One day she hopes to move back South but until then, she'll let the candles awaken her memories and shout "Roll Tide" shamelessly from Kansas.

As for our name, Dixie Grace. Separately, these are two very meaningful words: Dixie is considered home to us and Grace is something we strive to portray, vow to give, and hope to receive. When combined, the name Dixie Grace is a moment in time, a sweet memory, a smell, a sound. It reminds us to never forget where we came from and always have grace in our hearts. We hope that some of the scents we have chosen will take you back to a special place in time and represent your very own Dixie Grace. For us, these scents are HOME.

We sincerely thank you for believing in us and for supporting small business. We hope to see you back real soon. Thanks for visiting!