Opening Day! - Starts with Thank You

Thanks y'all for visiting Dixie Grace Candle Company! 

You have no idea how much it means to me that you are even on our website and thinking about purchasing our products. Even if you don't buy, thank you for stopping by! I truly appreciate it. 

I have been making candles for over two years now. This is a trial by error craft as I have learned along the way. From catching pour pots on fire to booty dances around the house when something finally worked, it has been an enjoyable road and one that I will hopefully, with your business, be able to continue to pursue. 

This post isn't really about the candle crafting business though. It is a Thank You to all my family and friends that have held me up along the way and in my journey. I am a young mother with a daughter in college, finishing both a BS and BA this May myself, with a FT Career in HR. My friends often ask why do you keep adding things to your plate and the truth is I only get one shot at this life so succeed or fail, I don't want to not take the risk and live out my days wondering if I should or should not have done something. With that being said, a big Thank You is owed to many, many people because without the people in my life, I am nothing. The people in my life drive me to do more, laugh more, cry more, and live more. They drive me to be better, innovative, risk-taking, caring, loving, honest, and most of all - to keep going. When it is all starting to fall apart, they let me cry and then they force me to move because when you stop moving, it's all over from there.

So Thank You. Thank You beyond words I can express in a Blog. Thank You because you will never know how Thankful I am for you and every lesson you have taught me and continue to teach me every single day. Thank You. I am so blessed in this life, more than I can ever begin to repay.

"Praise the Bridge That Carried You Over." - G. Colman 

And praise the bridge in all of you that continues to carry me.

Thank You.