Pillar Candles & New Scents - Updates

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Quick Updates for You! 

Pillar Candles 

Dixie Grace Candle Company will soon be offering 3" x 6" Pillar Candles (Round & Square) along with Votive Candles. We ordered some different equipment to make this more of a seamless process while not losing the craftsmanship that goes into our candles. Our Pillar Candles are Rustic (or Mottled) Candles. They are not the smooth, creamy finish candles. I have posted a couple of pictures below so you can see what we mean by mottled and rustic. Every candle is somewhat unique in its markings! How cool is that! We plan to have these made, packaged, and listed for you no later than April 30th.

New Scents 

Dixie Grace Candle Company also plans on expanding the Signature Scents line by 3 to 6 more scents. I already know one of these will be Bonfires on the Farm and you can obviously guess how that's going to smell! Yep. You guessed it! Just like a bonfire. I mean TRULY like a bonfire. 

In the middle of the summer, we will begin looking at scents for our Fall and Christmas/Winter Scents Lines. We will be seeking feedback on both Facebook and perhaps hosting a Fragrance Picking Party. We don't have specifics yet but will let you know as soon as we do. 

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